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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes
Triview board members for 2024
Triview Board of Directors from left to right: Anthony Sexton, Amanda Carlton, Mark Melville, James Barnhart, Jason Gross

Triview is a special district governed by its Board of Directors consisting of five publicly elected Board Members. Regular elections are held every two years in a staggered sequence of two and three openings to ensure that the board will never consist entirely of new members. Board members serve four-year terms.

Triview holds regular board meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are held at the Triview office located at 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 302, Monument, Colorado (unless otherwise noted on the agenda). The Board of Directors appoints and employs a District Manager, and together they oversee the operations of the district. The District Manager, in turn, employs the district staff to carry out the operations set forth by the Board and the District Manager.

Meet the Board

Triview Board President Mark MelvilleMark Melville – President

Term: 2025

Mark Melville is a 1983 graduate of the Air Force Academy and a retired Air Force officer. He teaches military studies as a volunteer at the Academy. He is the president of the Triview Metropolitan District board of directors and has served on the board for five years. He enjoys serving his community with the goal of preserving and improving the neighborhoods so that the District is a sought-after location for families to live. His favorite part of being on the board is to explore options and make decisions that will set the District up for long-term health with quality roads, parks, water and water infrastructure and wastewater infrastructure. Mark has been married for 30 years and has four children, all living away from home.

Triview Vice President Anthony SextonAnthony Sexton – Vice President

Term: 2025

Anthony Sexton is a Colorado native. He has lived in Monument and within the Triview Metro District boundary for 10 years. He manages and operates a local family-owned lawncare and landscaping company. He has extensive knowledge of outdoor landscape maintenance and is in tune with landscaping best practices and water usage. His favorite part of being a Triview board member is the interaction with the community while implementing projects that benefit the whole community. He enjoys the thoughtful deliberation the board takes as they carefully review projects and the financial impact they will have on district. Anthony believes that everyone has a duty to contribute to their community in some form. His role as a Triview board member, while personally rewarding, is also his effort to serve the community. He’s confident that the tremendous efforts of the other board members and the District’s outstanding leadership are making Triview better for all who live and work there.

Triview Board Secretary/Treasurer James BarnhartJames Barnhart – Secretary/Treasurer

Term: 2025

James Barnhart has lived in the Triview Metropolitan District with his wife and children since 2014. He was born in Black Forest, and has lived in Colorado his entire life. He graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins with a degree in mechanical engineering. Currently, he works at Skyline Products as the Director of Product Management and the Director of Sales & Customer Service for the Transportation Division. Additionally, he sits on technical committees for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). He chose to serve on the Triview board to give back to his community. He enjoys being involved in the long-term vision and plan for the District so that it’s successful now and in the future, ensuring that current and future residents are proud to live within the District.

Triview Board Director Amanda CarltonAmanda Carlton – Director

Term: 2027

Amanda Carlton is a Colorado native who grew up in the Colorado Springs area, but left for school and then worked in Melbourne, Florida. Amanda, her husband and three children returned to Colorado in 2020 and have made Monument their home. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a master’s in Systems Engineering, and an MBA. Amanda brings extensive experience as an engineer and is looking forward to focusing on the district’s priorities: securing renewable water resources, maintaining our open spaces and parks, and maximizing our tax dollars to the fullest extent.

Triview Board Director Jason GrossJason Gross – Director

Term: 2027

Jason Gross moved to Monument in 2016 knowing this would be his last stop in his 24-year Air Force career. He and his wife have four children, and chose Monument because of the schools, great outdoors and small-town feel. As he looks forward to the end of his military career and no longer moving from place to place, he’s excited about the opportunity to serve his local community in a meaningful way. Jason’s work experience in systems integration, combined with his management skills, will help the district with its focus on long-term sustainable water supplies, maintaining our streets and open spaces, and ensuring taxes are kept as low as possible and spent appropriately.

District Information

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