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Triview Metropolitan District

We provide water, wastewater & stormwater services, along with maintaining community assets such as roads, parks & open space.

Quick Updates

Northern Delivery System Open House Update

Triview Metropolitan District hosted an open house on Oct. 16 to engage Fox Run Regional Park stakeholders about the proposed Northern Delivery System pipeline project, which will bring renewable water to Northern El Paso County.

We wanted to share all the materials from the meeting with you. We are planning another public meeting in the next month and will update you on the timing.

If you have any questions, please call 719-488-6868 or send us an email

Road Closure

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, the following road(s) will be closed: Sanctuary Rim Dr. west from the big park to the intersection of Gleneagle Dr. and St. Lawrence Way. The closure will be for approximately two weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your cooperation.

Update on Drinking Water

Our drinking water is safe! You may have heard or read about Donala Water and Sanitation and elevated levels of radium. Rest assured, our water is in compliance and will remain in compliance with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s (CDPHE) water quality standards. The Triview Metro District has implemented a number of measures to ensure our current and future compliance with all of the CDPHE’s standards.

Those specific measures include:

  • Installing enhanced water treatment processes at Triview’s two water treatment facilities to ensure we are able to remove radium from our finished water supply, thereby ensuring compliance with water quality standards associated with combined Radium 226/228 (Maximum Contaminant Level of 5 Pico Curies per liter).
  • Blending groundwater supplies from Triview’s nine Denver and Arapahoe wells to ensure water quality standards are consistently met.
  • And in the future, being the project sponsor for the Northern Delivery Pipeline, which will bring high quality renewable water to Triview’s customers.

The district’s 2021 quarterly compliance schedule for combined Radium 226/228 at the Point of Entry for Drinking Water has an average of 4.16 pCi/L., which is well below the MCL of 5 Pico Curies per liter established by CDPHE. This average consists of 3 out of 4 quarters sampled in 2021.

If you’re interested in more information about Triview’s water quality, see the 2021 Consumer Confidence Report.


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