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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes


Motorized vehicles are not allowed in any area except on designated park roads, parking areas or other areas as designated by the Board of Directors. Off-road use is prohibited. Park trails are designated as non-motorized areas except for maintenance and/or emergency vehicles.


Snowmobiling is prohibited in all park areas.

Damage to Trees; Grass

No one may attach any rope, wire, or other object to any tree or plant on park property. Additionally, no one may dig or otherwise disturb grass or natural areas, or in any other way to injure or impair the natural beauty or usefulness, of any area in any park.


No one may hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, chase, tease, shoot, or throw objects at any animal, reptile or bird in any park unless in defense of self or others. Removal or possession of any animal, or the eggs, nest, or young of any reptile or bird is prohibited. No one may collect, remove, possess, give away, sell, offer to sell, buy, offer to buy, or accept as a gift a specimen of any animal, reptile or bird whether dead or alive.


Bringing refuse or trash to dispose of in any park is prohibited. No one may place refuse or trash in any waters or contiguous to any park. All refuse or trash related to park use must be placed in the proper receptacles where provided. Where receptacles are not provided, all refuse or trash must be carried away from the park. Residential trash and construction debris may never be placed in park receptacles.

Camping Restrictions

Overnight camping in any park or setting up a tent or any other temporary shelter for such purpose is prohibited unless such activity is specifically authorized in writing by the Board of Directors. No motor vehicles, movable structure, or special vehicles such as a horse trailer or camper trailer are permitted to remain in a park without the Board of Directors written authorization.


Fishing is prohibited in any park waters.


Boating on park waters is prohibited except for maintenance purposes.

Firearms; Fireworks; Explosives

Only licensed law enforcement officers may have, possess, control, or discharge any firearms, fireworks, or explosive devices in any park unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Triview Board of Directors; except for the possession of firearms in accordance with Colorado law.

Propelling Objects; Games

Launching or flying rockets or model airplanes is prohibited in any park. Additionally, objects such as arrows, javelins, golf balls, stones, or other similar objects are banned in any park except in designated areas set apart for such forms of recreation. Football, baseball, horseshoes and other games are prohibited except on fields, courts or areas provided for them.

Exceptions to Policy

Exceptions to policies stated here are at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Requests for exceptions are given thorough review and are only granted if the Parks Department staff judges that such exceptions are consistent with the parks’ and publics’ best interest. Exceptions are specified in writing by Board of Directors. Persons granted exceptions are required to bring written proof of such to the park in order to aid park employees and/or law enforcement persons in upholding park rules.


Violators could be subject to a $500 fine.

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