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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

The protection of water quality begins at the source. Federal and state governments establish and enforce regulations and standards to protect source waters that are ultimately delivered to Triview customers. Numerous industrial and municipal water users are required to meet these standards and they treat water that is discharged into rivers and lakes that ultimately become source waters for other users. The federal Clean Water Act and federal and state pollution discharge elimination system permitting programs are examples of source water protection laws and regulations. Triview, through the help and direction of Colorado Rural Water Association, has developed a Source Water Protection Program that addresses the protection of water in our district.

The federal and state governments also set standards for converting the source water into the product that is delivered to your home or business. Water providers such as Triview are required to meet stringent federal and state standards established under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and Colorado Primary Drinking Water Standards. It is our responsibility to produce and deliver high-quality water to the end-user.

Delivery of high-quality, potable water to our customers is one of the responsibilities of Triview Metropolitan District. Triview’s delivery system consists of miles of water pipe, hundreds of valves and dozens of fire hydrants. Each component of this diverse system can dramatically affect the quality of the water you receive. Therefore, Triview maintains constant vigilance over monitoring and maintaining the system components.

Triview collects and analyzes more than 70 water samples from both water treatment sites each month. These samples are tested for metals, radioactive isotopes, disinfection by-products, organic chemicals, and microbiological organisms. The results of these tests are reported to the Colorado Department of Health and to each customer in the annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report, or CCR) every year under the mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to sampling water quality, Triview staff flushes water mains and hydrants to maintain fresh supplies for all customers.

Triview staff has many large and diverse responsibilities in the water system to ensure quality water is delivered to each of our customers on a daily basis. It is a responsibility and challenge that Triview’s Board of Directors gladly accept and proudly deliver.

If you should have any questions about the Water Quality Report, or have concerns about your water quality, please email us at or call us at 719-488-6868.

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