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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

Triview was created to provide street, water, sanitary sewer, parks and recreation, traffic and safety controls, and mosquito control improvements and services. These improvements are described in detail in the Service Plan and are summarized below.

We provide the following services: public works, street and highway maintenance, parks and recreation, water and wastewater, and drainage services. We also perform certain proprietary activities relating to the provision of water, wastewater, and related administration and environmental functions.

Street and Drainage Improvements

Triview provides construction and street improvements for residential roads, industrial roads, and commercial roads (including both two-lane and four-lane collectors). We also manage related drainage improvements, including box culverts, storm sewers and storm inlets, as well as necessary street lighting.

Water Supply and Distribution Facilities

Triview provides for the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, installation, completion, maintenance and improvement of a public water supply and distribution system for domestic purposes. Water treatment facilities, pipelines and other distribution facilities have been constructed; however, additional improvements will be required as Triview continues to develop.

We currently operate 10 Denver Basin Wells, two water treatment plants, and two water tanks with a total storage of approximately 2.6 million gallons. Additionally, we own 1,057 shares in the Fountain Mutual Irrigation Company (which yields approximately 740 acre-feet of water), 568 acre-feet of Excelsior Irrigating Company, and 494 acre-feet of water from the Arkansas Valley Irrigation Company. Triview is committed to moving away from non-renewable water resources and will ultimately transition to a renewable surface water supply that will supply approximately 90-95% of the district’s overall demand.

Sanitary Sewer Facilities

Triview acquires, constructs, reconstructs, installs, completes, and improves sanitary sewer services. It also operates collection pipelines, mains, outfall pipelines, disposal plants, and disposal system and facilities for residents. It is a majority partner in the Upper Monument Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Stormwater Facilities

Triview is responsible for the provision of stormwater services that consist of on-site detention ponds, inlets, stormwater pipes and surface drainage structures. Sixteen detention ponds have been completed, and we anticipate building up to four more ponds for a total of 20 detention ponds once development is completed within the district.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Triview provides for the acquisition, construction, installation, completion, maintenance and improvement of park and recreational facilities, including landscape, irrigation and related equipment, together with all necessary land. Park and recreation improvements in the district include 10 neighborhood parks within residential areas and the operation and maintenance of trails throughout the district.

Street Facilities

Triview is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 29 miles of roads. Maintenance activities include snow removal, managing street overlay projects, crack repair, and installing lane markings and street signs.

Traffic and Safety Controls

Triview is responsible for the acquisition, construction, installation, completion, maintenance and improvement of traffic light signals.

District Map

Triview Metro District boundary map

District Information

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