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Triview Newsletter – October 2020

Jackson Creek Parkway Wins Public Works Award

The Triview Metropolitan District was recognized by the Colorado Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the Jackson Creek Parkway improvement project. The APWA award recognized the “creativity, ingenuity, and efficiency in the delivery of the public works project that had a profound impact on the community.”
“We’re honored to be recognized by APWA for this project, which was a massive undertaking in the District,” said Jim McGrady, District Manager. “We know that road construction can be a major inconvenience for our residents and visitors, and we’re grateful for everyone’s patience while the work was being done. We’re extremely pleased with how the project turned out. This project adds value to our community and vastly improves access to the important businesses in the area.”
Jackson Creek Parkway, a critical north-south arterial roadway running parallel to I-25, provides access to major retailers, businesses and residents. The nearly two-mile-long road improvements, from Baptist Road to Higby Road, expanded the two-lane road into four lanes with turn lanes and a landscaped median. Improvements also included reworking of the medians from Lyons Tail Road to Broken Timber Drive, a new sidewalk from Blevins Buckle to Lyons Tail Road on the east side of Jackson Creek Parkway, as well as bike lanes, new lighting and a storm drain system.
The Jackson Creek Parkway project was recognized in the APWA’s transportation category for small communities. Kiewit Construction served as the general contractor for the project which began in the summer of 2019 and was completed earlier this summer.

Reminder: Drain Your Sprinklers

With fall in full swing, it’s time to schedule your sprinkler blowout before the ground freezes. Any water left in the pipes of your irrigation system can freeze over the winter, causing extensive damage. Unless you’re an expert and have the right equipment, it’s advised to hire a professional to do this for you. The same company can open them up in the spring and check for any broken heads or other damage that may have happened over the winter. Don’t delay in scheduling your blowout because there’s always a rush on scheduling once the temperature approaches freezing. And don’t forget to disconnect hoses from outside faucets and turn off the water.

Tips For Getting Your Home Winter-Ready

In addition to your sprinkler blowout, following are a few additional tips to get your home ready.
  • Clean Your Gutters – Make sure that water can flow freely through your gutters by removing leaves, sticks and other debris. Full gutters can block the flow of melting snow and ice, which can put an added strain on your gutters. Clean them now before the weather makes it even more of a challenge.
  • Replace Your Furnace Filter – Furnace filters need to be changed every few months to ensure that your heating (and cooling) system runs at peak efficiency. You can purchase replacement filters at any home center or hardware store (make sure you note the size of your filter before heading to the store).
  • Weatherproof Doors & Windows – Look at your doors and windows for any gaps. Caulk or add weather stripping to prevent warm air from escaping and cool air from getting in.
A few other reminders that you may want to consider:
  • Change the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check your dryer vent to make sure it’s not clogged up, and if it is, get it professionally cleaned.

Replacement Water Meters Available

More than 200 residents have taken advantage of upgrading their water meters so far this year. With many of the homes in the District nearing 15-20 years old, the water metering technology has evolved significantly and now offers greater efficiency.
Using a downloadable app, the new meters allow residents to detect leaks and track excessive water use on an hourly basis. By providing homeowners with easy access to their water usage, it will help you manage costs and be good stewards of this precious resource.
All water meters will be replaced over the next few years, so If you’re interested in replacing your water meter now, please email us:
Following is what you need to know about the water meter change:
  • A trained District staff member will replace the meter.
  • In almost all cases, it will take less than one hour to change out the meter.
  • Homeowners will need to be present because the water meters are located in the basements.
  • Homeowners will be able to schedule their appointment and some evening/weekend hours will be available.
  • There is no cost to the homeowners.

District Adds 60 New Trees

You may have noticed that our area has a number of new trees this fall. That is because of an initiative by the District to plant 60 new ones to help beautify the area. These trees (Greenspire Linden, Spring Snow Crabapple, Autumn Blaze Maple, Shademaster Honeylocust and Common Hackberry) replace many of the trees that did not survive last fall’s early cold spell. Many of them have been planted along Leather Chaps, Gleneagle and Lyons Tail.
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