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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

Jason Gross surrounded by his four teenage children and wife.Thank you for this opportunity to share my background and my intentions in serving the Triview community.

My family and I moved to Monument in 2016 knowing this would be our last stop in my 24-year Air Force career. My wife and I chose Monument because it’s a great place to raise a family with good schools, great outdoors and a small-town feel. One of the things I looked forward to with the end of my military career and its recurring moving from place to place was the opportunity to serve in my local community. Leveraging my skills, education and experience to help my community in more than short-term volunteer work is something that sounded personally fulfilling for a long time.

I have been involved in military space operations most of my career. I have led and managed numerous projects integrating complex systems and been responsible for budget and personnel decisions. In my current work I help the Space Force integrate new radars, telescopes and other capabilities into the space surveillance network to improve our understanding of what is happening in space.

It would be an exciting opportunity to apply my systems integration and management skills to help Triview ensure we have long-term sustainable water supplies, good street and open space maintenance and ensure our taxes are kept as low as possible and spent appropriately.

If you choose to give me your vote, my initial focus would be ensuring the corner of Jackson Creek and Higbee Road near Lewis Palmer High School is updated to improve traffic flow. Currently the intersection is often congested and dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians. New development is increasing traffic in that area, and the many inexperienced drivers that go to and from the high school requires thoughtful design to help keep both pedestrians and other drivers safe.

I am also concerned about the design of Baptist Road between McDonald’s and King Soopers with the new apartments and business center that are close to completion. I have seen multiple times people illegally going the wrong direction in the turning lane to cut across. I would advocate to redesign that section to accommodate the increased traffic and make it more pedestrian friendly.

I believe the current Triview board has been outstanding in working to obtain sustainable water supplies for our community, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them to continue to ensure we have adequate water resources for us and our children into the future. Nothing will make our property values and the livability of our community go to zero faster than insufficient water for our needs.

The Triview open space maintenance team did excellent work improving the intersection of Leather Chaps and Baptist Roads, and I look forward to working with them to see how we can continue to improve our open space within our budget. I also look forward to seeing how we can continue to improve snow removal to ensure we don’t block driveways and make it more difficult for our residents by not thinking through where the snow is piled.

Thank you for considering me to serve on the Triview Metropolitan District board, and I respectfully request your vote on 2 May.

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