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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

Triview Newsletter — December 2023

Triview in the News

We’ve been sharing updates with you for more than a year about the Northern Delivery System, the six-mile water pipeline and booster pump station that will provide drinking water from a tank at the northern edge of the Colorado Springs Utilities service area to Triview residents, and now the project is getting some local media attention.

The Colorado Springs Gazette wrote a profile article about it and developed a video that provides a great overview of the entire project. Colorado Public Radio’s KRCC also did a story on the project. Visit the main page of our website for a link to the video and the articles.

NDS Pipeline Complete

Meanwhile, our warmer-than-normal fall has allowed the Kiewit team to make a lot more progress than expected on the NDS project. Some highlights:

  • The six miles of pipeline is now installed and the team is conducting leak testing.
  • The paving of Old Northgate and Roller Coaster is complete and the roads are open.
  • There will be minor work along Old Northgate and Roller Coaster for the next couple of weeks to clean up the shoulders, lay final seeding, and add permanent striping. Expect some traffic control and delays.
  • Restoration of all segments will be complete this year including fixing signs, mailboxes, final landscaping, etc.
  • Old Northgate Road will receive a chip seal (new top coat) next spring.
  • There are now 31 active fire hydrants along the segments to aid in future firefighting efforts.

The last big piece of this project is the construction of the pump station building, which is a 2,000-square-foot, pre-fabricated structure that will house three pumps. This winter, the crew will install drywall and the pumps, each of which can move 1,500 gallons per minute of treated water from the Colorado Springs Utilities’ Highway 83 tank into the district’s C-Plant tank located in the Sanctuary Subdivision. This pump station will generate outlet pressure of over 250 psi. At peak times, the three pumps can combine to pump up to 4,500 gallons a minute. The Denver Basin wells we currently use are available to us on high-demand days and during periods of extreme drought. We expect to transition to the NDS pipeline in June.

Who Moves the Snow?

We knew the beautiful fall weather couldn’t last, and now we need to be talking about snow removal. The next snowstorm is never far away in Colorado. We want to remind residents of the snow removal policy in the Triview Metro District so there is no confusion. The district guidelines for plowing the streets are:

  • Less than two inches of snow or slush – no plowing takes place.
  • Between two and four inches of snow or slush – primary streets are plowed, secondary streets are plowed at intervals and all streets are plowed once the storm is over.
  • Between four and eight inches of snow or slush – primary streets are plowed, secondary streets are plowed at intervals and all streets are plowed once the storm is over. District-maintained sidewalks and other areas will be cleared.
  • At least eight inches of snow or slush is considered a major snowstorm – plowing is focused on high-traffic areas.

Homeowners are responsible for keeping their driveways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice, and please remember to move your car off the street if there’s snow so the plows don’t have to weave around cars.

2024 Budget Update

While we expected to share a 2024 budget update, the defeat of Proposition HH in the November election means that El Paso County (and all counties statewide) must revisit and update their assessed property valuations. In Colorado, county assessors are tasked with valuing all property for property tax purposes, and they now have until Jan. 3, 2024 to do so. Triview Metropolitan District must set our mill levy by Jan. 10, 2024.  Once that happens, the district will be able to finalize our 2024 budget and get it filed with the state.

We will share a detailed budget update in the January newsletter.

District Adding New Park

This spring, we can look forward to the opening of a new district park. A total of eight acres, Sanctuary Park includes trails, five acres of artificial turf that is lined for lacrosse and soccer, as well as a covered pergola for events and gatherings. This is the eleventh park in the district, and it is a joint partnership with Classic Homes and Triview Metro District. Your parks and open space fees helped pay for the construction of this new district amenity. We’ll be sharing more information later this spring on how to make reservations.

95% of District Homes Have Smart Water Meters

The district staff has installed 2,240 water meters in homes and businesses since 2019. That leaves about 120 homes that are still using the antiquated water meter. The new meters allow residents to detect leaks and track excessive water use on an hourly basis with the downloadable app. Also, these meters give staff the tools they need to help residents understand what could be causing excessive water use (for instance a leaking toilet or irrigation valve, excessive outdoor watering, etc.), thereby saving residents a substantial amount of money.

If you have not received the new meter yet, please contact us immediately or you may be charged for staff having to manually read your meter. The following is what you need to know about the water meter change.

  • Trained district staff members will replace the meters.
  • It will take approximately 20 minutes to change out your meter.
  • Homeowners will need to be present because the water meters are located in the basements.
  • There is no cost to the homeowners – they’re free.
  • Call to schedule your appointment: 719-488-6868
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