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Triview Newsletter — January 2023

Launching Into the New Year, Triview Builds On the Success of 2022

The past year marked a number of changes and growth, both in our district and as we all returned to a sense of normalcy as the pandemic waned. In Triview, we managed many new initiatives that allowed us to continue to set the standard as a great place to live and work, with access to beautiful parks and trails, along with desirable homes and schools. We are consistently working on improvements and services to ensure the excellence of our community, and 2022 was no exception.

As we gear up for the year ahead, we look forward to continuing the progress we’ve made in the past year. Access to renewable water remains one of the most important issues throughout the western United States, and that certainly includes Colorado and our district. Some of our biggest initiatives are focused on water sustainability, including:

  • The Northern Delivery System (NDS), a partnership with Colorado Springs Utilities, will bring Triview-owned renewable water to northern El Paso County and our district. In fact, 80-90% of our water will come from renewable water sources once the NDS is complete, rather than relying on nonrenewable Denver Basin groundwater. As we kick off construction in Q2 2023, we’re excited to create a sustainable solution to ensure that water continues to flow to your homes and businesses.
  • The Northern Monument Creek Interceptor (NMCI) Project design agreement was signed by Triview, Forest Lakes Metropolitan District and Colorado Springs Utilities. The 10-mile pipeline is now in the permitting, planning and design stages. Once complete, the NMCI will collect wastewater flows from Triview Metro District and Forest lakes Metropolitan District and transport those flows for treatment in Colorado Springs. Given stricter state and federal wastewater standards, the pipeline will ultimately save Triview residents money by avoiding costly regulatory improvements needed for the current treatment facility.
  • We continued installing new water meters in homes, allowing homeowners to track water usage in real-time via an app to quickly detect excessive usage or a potential leak. These meters, which are free to homeowners, help save you money and help you protect our natural resources. Please email or call the Triview office to schedule your appointment.

Triview Board Approves Our 2023 Budget

The five-member Triview Metro District Board of Directors unanimously approved our 2023 budget at its Dec. 13 meeting. The 2023 budget contains a significant expenditure for the NDS detailed above and on our website. A key income source for the district is tap fees on new homes and businesses. Based on current economic conditions and input from builders, the district is anticipating approximately 60 new homes this year — about half of what is normally built in a calendar year. The district also receives tap fees from new apartments. Thompson Thrift is constructing a new apartment complex located at the Village at Jackson Creek, west of Jackson Creek Parkway. The complex includes 276 units consisting of one, two and three-bedroom apartments.

The full, adopted budget is available on our website, but below is the high-level overview:



Northern Delivery System Construction Expected to Begin in Spring

Construction of the NDS pipeline, which is creating our own renewable water delivery system, will begin at Colorado Springs Utility’s Highway 83 tank and extend into the Triview Metro District service area utilizing Old Northgate Road, Roller Coaster Road and Baptist Road. The site plan for the pump station at Old Northgate Road and Highway 83 should be finalized soon. In anticipation of a spring start and the ongoing global supply delays, our contractor, Kiewit, has been pre-ordering materials, including pipes and valves, and we have prepaid electrical installation for the pump station.

Our proposed Convey, Treat and Deliver contract is going before the Colorado Springs Utility Board in February, and from there we expect the Colorado Springs City Council to approve the contract during one of the city council’s March meetings. Once the delivery contract is approved, and El Paso County approves Triview’s 1041 Permit, construction can begin. The project is expected to start in April or May, 2023, with an estimated completion taking place in the summer of 2024.




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