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Triview Newsletter — April 2023

Triview Metro District Welcomes New Assistant District Manager

Please join us in welcoming Stephen Sheffield as our new assistant district manager/project manager. Stephen will be instrumental as we continue to make progress on several of our signature water projects, including the Northern Delivery System and the North Monument Creek Interceptor project. More information about both projects is available at

Stephen has nearly 20 years of experience in the water industry with licenses in all four disciplines of treatment. Before joining the district, he was the assistant public works director for the Town of Monument, where he managed multiple large capital projects. A Colorado Springs native, Stephen graduated from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He lives on the west side of Colorado Springs with his wife and two daughters. His oldest attends the University of Colorado – Boulder, and his youngest is a freshman at Manitou Springs High School.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys reading, music, hiking and anything that involves his family. He’s also a huge fan of both ice hockey and cycling.

I am honored and excited to be able to work with Triview Metro District and Jim and his team. I am passionate about the community, and the job we have ahead of us. I look forward to the challenges and changes that are coming.

We look forward to having his expertise available to us as we continue to take steps to ensure that the district residents and businesses have access to the clean, affordable and reliable water needed.

Northern Delivery System Continues to Make Progress

We continue to work with other northern water suppliers to develop a system that would be used to bring renewable water to northern El Paso County municipal water customers. The proposed Northern Delivery System will construct a booster pump station, approximately six miles of pipeline, and numerous fire hydrants that would move renewable potable water from a tank at the northern edge of the Colorado Springs Utilities service area to northern water systems that include both the Triview Metropolitan District service area and Forest Lakes.

We have conducted a series of public meetings to receive input from various stakeholders, neighborhood groups and county officials. In order to provide reliable water supplies to Triview, we have also obtained a 999- acre feet excess storage account in Pueblo Reservoir and permission from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for use of the North Outlet Works that allows for delivery of water to the Southern Delivery System.

Most recently, our Convey, Treat and Deliver contract with Colorado Springs Utilities was approved by the Colorado Springs City Council on March 28, 2023, by a unanimous vote of City Council. Now that the contract is approved and when El Paso County approves Triview’s 1041 Permit application, construction can begin. The project is expected to start in May 2023 with the estimated completion in summer 2024. We will continue to provide updates as developments occur.

Even in Heavy Snow Year, Snowpack Remains Challenging

Colorado has enjoyed a heavier-than-usual amount of snow this season. The latest data shows that statewide snowpack levels average at about 120% of normal. However, the Arkansas River Basin, where most of the water that Triview uses originates, is only at 73% of its normal amount. And the heavy snows have not been enough to lift most of our state from the ongoing drought.

The lack of reliability when it comes to snow and rain is one of the reasons that Triview has been aggressive about securing a diverse supply of water rights. It becomes clearer each year that having access to multiple supplies of water is our best hedge against water challenges in the future.

Spring Construction Projects Update

With warmer weather now a reality, we have started various construction projects and other improvements to the district. Those include:

  • We have replaced the aging playground equipment at Old Creek Park. The new equipment should give kids a better and safer playground experience. (See photo.)
  • Residents have inquired about Agate Park and the trail connection to Homeplace Ranch. While we understand that it’s been a messy inconvenience, there is an end in sight. The reason it was torn up so long (in preparation for Segment C of the Northern Delivery System) was because of the frozen ground and needing to wait for thawing. We installed a new ADA-compliant concrete walkway from the end of Agate Creek down to the trail, and we are working to reestablish all of the irrigation that was torn out during the construction, starting in Agate Park. We have hauled in boulders that will be used to stabilize the slope around the new concrete walkway. Once the irrigation is fully installed, a contractor will begin work on a complete remake of Agate Park, which will include installing xeriscape treatment along the trail including ornamental grasses and cobles with drip irrigation run to each plant. We hope to have this project wrapped up by the end of June, and the result will be a dramatic improvement from what was previously there.
  • We are planning repairs to roads that will include filling potholes, fixing sinkholes and overlaying entire stretches that are in need. Those repairs will take place in the Remington Hills neighborhood and other areas identified on a case-by-case basis.

    District Begins Substitute Water Plan

    In other water news, the district has completed work on the substitute water supply plan. This plan allows us divert water from our Arkansas Valley Irrigation Company water rights that can be stored in our Pueblo Reservoir Storage account for delivery to Triview at such time as the Northern Delivery System has been completed. Our plan calls for storing 600 to 1,000-acre feet of water over the next two years

    Smart Water Meters Save Residents Money

    We are installing new digital water meters in homes that are free to homeowners and can help you save money. The meters are compatible with a downloadable app allowing you to monitor water usage in real-time. Having access to this data can help detect costly leaks faster and track excessive water use in real-time, helping you manage costs and be good stewards of this precious resource.

    Every resident is required to upgrade to the new water meters, and we encourage you to do that sooner than later.  The new meter, including installation by trained staff, is FREE and takes only 20-30 minutes. Homeowners need to be present during the installation. To schedule an appointment, call 719-488-6868 or email us at

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