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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

Triview Newsletter – October 2021

Fall leaves

Join us: Public Meeting for Proposed Northern Delivery System, Nov. 17, 5:30 pm, Bear Creek Elementary School

Triview’s Water Plan

While the long, hot summer has ended, access to water continues to be an important issue for not only the district, but for our entire state. Access to water is critical, and experts predict that there is a coming divide among those communities that have enough and those that do not.

One of the highest priorities in the district is to identify cost-effective opportunities to acquire, store and deliver water as we transition from non-renewable Denver Basin groundwater to renewable surface water. 

On Sat., Oct. 16, we held an open house at Fox Run Regional Park to discuss the proposed Northern Delivery System water pipeline project in northern El Paso County. Triview is working with other northern water suppliers to develop a system that would be used to bring renewable water to northern El Paso County municipal water customers. The proposed Northern Delivery System would construct a booster pump station, including a 10-mile pipeline and tank which would move potable water from a tank at the northern edge of the Colorado Springs Utilities service area to northern water systems.

Benefits to Triview Residents and Businesses of the Proposed Pipeline

  • Brings renewable water to the district, which will reduce reliance on groundwater that is decreasing in both quantity and quality
  • Improves fire protection for areas along the pipeline route and within Fox Run Regional Park by constructing a one-million-gallon tank and fire hydrants
  • Promotes efficiency by using existing water lines and facilities within the Colorado Springs Utility (CSU) system to convey renewable water from multiple water basins to northern El Paso County
  • Improves water quality in northern El Paso County by providing clean, renewable treated water
  • Provides an avenue for project participants to transport return flows north to their communities

We hope to have future in-person or virtual discussions on the topic, but in the meantime, we wanted to share a more detailed overview of Triview’s plan for procuring renewable water. Visit our website where we provide additional details on how the district pays for renewable water, where the water is purchased from, where the water is stored, and how it will be delivered to the district. 

As a district, we have taken ensuring that our community has an adequate supply of water very seriously. You can rest assured that Triview will continue to be able to support your water needs even as communities in the Western United States continue to grapple with extended drought conditions. 

Leather Chaps & Baptist Road Getting Landscape Enhancements 

You may have noticed work being done in the medians and the northwest corner of Leather Chaps & Baptist Road. Upgrades were made to the irrigation to ensure the landscape and new plants receive adequate water. In late September, we started construction on a retaining wall. The wall should be complete by the end of October. An electric meter was installed to power the monument signage, an irrigation controller, as well as for upcoming holiday lighting. Work will wrap up soon with grading around the retaining wall to get ready for next spring’s landscape and irrigation installation.

Drain Your Sprinklers

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, now is the time to drain your home’s sprinkler system. The district recommends scheduling the sprinkler blowout using a professional, as any water inadvertently left in the pipes of your irrigation system can freeze over the winter, causing extensive damage. The same company can open them up in the spring and check for any broken heads or other damage that may have happened over the winter. Don’t forget to disconnect hoses from outside faucets and turn off the water too.

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