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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

Triview Newsletter – July 2021

Water Bill Pay Colorado

Northern Delivery System Is Going Under I-25

The Northern Water Delivery System is a major project that will interconnect Colorado Springs Utilities water distribution system with various northern El Paso County water providers that may include the Town of Monument, Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District, Triview Metropolitan District, Donala Water and Sanitation District, and Forest Lakes Metropolitan District. This project will deliver up to 6,000 gallons of water per minute to the northern entities. The $21.7 million dollar project continues to move forward according to plan and is a cost-effective means to deliver previously purchased water rights and reusable wastewater return flows to many of the project participants. Triview is the project sponsor and is overseeing the design and permitting process.  

The next phase is the construction of a 16-inch pipeline under I-25, which begins at the Woodmoor Delivery Point at Jackson Creek Parkway and Higby Road and goes under I-25 to the west to the Town of Monument Delivery Point at the Old Denver Highway. Additionally, we have selected a route from Fox Run Regional Park to the pipeline connecting with the Town of Monument and we are digging that section of pipeline. 

Native Sun Construction will begin construction on the $490,000 pipeline in early July with construction being completed by mid-August. District residents should not be impacted by any of the construction.

South Reservoir Nears Completion

As we mentioned in May, the South Reservoir is near completion. The district controls 1,850-acre feet of storage out of a total of 2,050-acre feet. The water to fill the South Reservoir comes from the Arkansas River, just east of Pueblo, Fountain Creek, Denver Basin return flows, and the district’s Upper Arkansas Basin water assets. Securing reliable water sources for the district is a top priority as we transition from non-renewable Denver Basin groundwater to renewable surface water. 

Excelsior Ditch
This photo shows the Excelsior Ditch looking west at the turnout to the South Reservoir.
South Reservoir
While it might not look like much right now, this photo is the yet-to-be filled South Reservoir inlet structure looking southeast toward the spillway to the Arkansas River.

Summer Water Usage and Tiered Water Rates

We’re in the height of the summer, which is also the height of district water usage. Residents are reminded that they are billed for water in tiered rates according to their usage – as you use more water, the rate charged for each new tier increases. While the district didn’t increase water rates in 2021, with lawn sprinklers running up to three times a week, your usage and the costs can quickly add up. The table below shows the dollar rate per usage.

Example of tiered water rates

Additional Notes on Water

Your Water Bill

Example water bill

Consumer Confidence Report for Water

One of our most precious resources in Colorado is water. As we share updates on how the district is continuing to acquire water rights and how we manage wastewater, we also want to provide information on the water we all drink. Our drinking water comes from Denver and Arapahoe aquifer groundwater wells. We routinely monitor for contaminants in the drinking water according to federal and state laws. 

To ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) prescribes regulations limiting the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. Our drinking water is tested for chlorine, copper and lead, among other contaminants, and in every category, there were no violations. 

Every community water supplier in Colorado provides an annual water quality report (as mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations), and the Triview Metro District’s calendar year 2020 full report can be found on our website. Select the “Customer Resources” tab at the top, the “Water” tab and then the “Consumer Confidence Report” link. If you would like a copy mailed to you, please call the district office at 719-488-6868.

Sod Permits

If you are adding sod or new landscaping to your yard, the district requires a sod permit, which is valid for two weeks and allows for watering every day. Please email us at or call us at 719-488-6868 to request a permit. 

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