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Pay My Bill: Triview Forest Lakes

Triview Newsletter – March 2022

Monument CO View

Meet the Triview Board of Directors

The Triview Metro District isn’t just accountable to our residents, we are governed by them. At the top of our organization are five board members who are residents of our community and who are elected by their fellow community members. These board members are volunteer leaders donating their time and energy to help ensure Triview does the best job possible in meeting the needs of the metro district.

The community has overwhelmingly signaled their support for the current board. In fact, earlier this year we announced a call for new board applicants, and not a single person nominated themselves. As a result, the district canceled the scheduled election and the current board members will continue serving for two more years until our next scheduled election. 

As a reminder, the Triview board meets the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Triview office located at 16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 302, in Monument. The calendar and agendas for upcoming meetings are posted on the website. Minutes from each meeting are also posted there.

The 2022 board of directors includes President Mark Melville, Vice President Marco Fiorito,  Secretary/Treasurer James Barnhart, and Directors James Otis and Anthony Sexton.  The board works with our district manager, Jim McGrady, to oversee all district operations and financials. 

This month, we’re focusing on two board members

James BarnhartJames Barnhart

“I want to live in a district that has a solid plan for the future, while making sure it’s well-kept. There have been so many great things put in motion since I’ve been on the board, I want to see them through. Procuring clean, renewable water for the future, a focus on maintaining financial stability, and making sure the district is well maintained are the most important issues facing our district.”

Mark MelvilleMark Melville

“As a member of the Triview board, our priorities over the next couple of years are to see the Northern Delivery System pipeline and the North Monument Creek Interceptor projects completed or at least well underway. In addition, starting construction on the second reservoir at Stonewall Springs will also be important for the district as we continue to secure reliable, renewable water resources for our future. I enjoy serving our community and my participation on the Triview board also gives me the opportunity to learn about important issues in our area like water.”

New Water Meters Available for Installation

After a brief hiatus due to supply shortages, the district is continuing to install new water meters in homes. The meters are free to homeowners and can help you save money. The meters are compatible with a downloadable app allowing you to monitor water usage in real-time. Having access to this data can help detect costly leaks faster and track excessive water use in real-time, helping you manage costs and be good stewards of this precious resource.

The district has already installed more than 700 meters over the past two years and we plan to replace another 600 to 700 this year. 

Following is what you need to know about the water meter change:

  • Trained district staff will replace the meter. It typically takes 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Homeowners will need to be present because the water meters are located in basements.
  • There is no cost to the homeowners – the replacement is free.

To schedule an appointment, call 719-488-6868 or email us at

Smart Meter Change Map 2021
The district is currently targeting homes in purple, phase 1.

Other Water News

Our South Reservoir is graded out and a pipeline is being constructed to connect it to the Arkansas River. The district controls 1,850-acre feet of water storage in the South Reservoir at Stonewall Springs. We plan to begin filling the South Reservoir with water this spring, although that will be contingent on our state’s snowpack levels. The South Reservoir is an important piece of our overall strategy to secure reliable water sources as we transition from non-renewable Denver Basin groundwater to renewable surface water. 

The district is planning another open house in April or early May to share an update on the proposed Northern Delivery System, including details on the final alignment for the 10-mile pipeline. The proposed Northern Delivery System is a collaboration between Triview Metro District and other northern water suppliers to develop a system to bring renewable water to Northern El Paso County municipal water customers. Please visit our website for details on this meeting.

Infrastructure Update

When the temperatures bounce between the sixties and single digits, we know spring has arrived in Colorado. Consistently warmer weather isn’t too far away, and the district is making plans for road maintenance and repairs. We spent the last few years taking steps to protect and repair our roads because preventative maintenance saves us considerable money in the long run. 

Since considerable roadwork was done over the last few years, just two final stretches of roads are targeted for asphalt overlay later this spring – Broken Timber Drive and Kitchener Way (the section between Lyons Tail Road and Leather Chaps Drive). The work should be performed in mid to late May, but that is dependent on the weather cooperating. Martin Marietta is leading the project.

We know road construction is an inconvenience and we appreciate everyone’s patience while the work is being done.

In other news, the district has taken over maintenance of 2.3 miles of Higby Road, which used to be part of unincorporated El Paso County until it was annexed by the Town of Monument late last year. Future improvements and maintenance will be handled by the district in partnership with the developers of Jackson Creek Filings 3-6 and Home Place Ranch. This work will be critical with the planned growth in the area scheduled to include more than 1,000 homes and apartments (300 planned for Homeplace Ranch and 600-700 planned for Jackson Creek).

pavement plan details for Kitchener Way

pavement plan details for Broken Timber Trail

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